When you visit the eye doctor’s office, you want to know that the optometry office has the most up to date and advanced technology to diagnose eye disease, and screen for vision problems.At Professional Eyecare of West Michigan we make sure that we have what you need to have a thorough and complete eye exam. Find out about the different machines we use during your complete eye exam. Having the most advanced technology to assess and diagnose your eyes is essential.

digital fundus cameraDigital Fundus Camera

Digital Fundus Camera allows your eye doctor to evaluate the health of the back of your eye, the retina. It is used to detect diseases, such as, Diabetes and Macular Degeneration. It is critical to confirm the health of the retina, optic nerve and other retinal structures.

Many eye diseases, if detected at an early stage, can be treated successfully without total loss of vision. Your Retinal Images will be stored electronically. This gives the Doctor a permanent record of the condition and state of your retina. This is very important in assisting the Doctor to detect and measure any changes to your retina each time you get your eyes examined, as many eye conditions, such as Glaucoma are diagnosed by detecting changes over time.

visual fieldVisual Field Test

A visual field test measures the range of your peripheral or “side” vision to assess whether you have any blind spots (scotomas), peripheral vision loss or visual field abnormalities. It is a straightforward and painless test that does not involve eye drops but does involve the patient's ability to understand and follow instructions.

An initial visual field screening can be carried out by the optometrist by asking you to keep your gaze fixed on a central object, covering one eye and having you describe what you see at the periphery of your field of view. For a more comprehensive assessment, special equipment might be used to test your visual field. In one such test, you place your chin on a chin rest and look ahead. Lights are flashed on, and you have to press a button whenever you see the light. The lights are bright or dim at different stages of the test. Some of the flashes are purely to check you are concentrating. Each eye is tested separately and the entire test takes 15-45 minutes. These machines can create a computerized map out your visual field to identify if and where you have any deficiencies.


The optikam-Kiosk assists our patients in theirrszopticam frame selection, helping them to select the right lens options and obtain their measurements electonically. Optikam's patented measurement system is easy to use and extremely precise. Its frame selection and lens consultation capabilities provide an ideal add-on to the professional experience we provide to our patients.

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Trivex Lenses

Trivex lenses are the most technologically advanced lenses used for anyone who wants a lens that combines clarity of vision with impact-resistant material. Of all the lens options available, Trivex is known for its protective eyewear which provides clearer vision than other lens options. They are ideal for anyone who leads an active life. Dr. Lebaron recommends Trivex lenses, saying :" This lens is the most optomically clear lens available that mimics crown glass which is the gold standard in lens technology. We think that our patients should always be able to use the most technologically advanced eye care products and we're proud to be one of the few eye care providers in our area to offer these to our patients."

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